Monday, 16 July 2012

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rosary - Photo Montage

Malcontent that I am  I wasn't entirely pleased with the last lot of images . . . same old, same old. The germ of an idea was there but it needed taking up a level. I can't rest until I'm satisfied, got to keep tweaking . . . . now this I am pleased with. It's too late for me to be doing test prints now but first thing tomorrow . . . . . . I have a feeling this one will make it into the Strangeartworld Etsy shop so check my Facebook page for the latest.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Putting Stuff in my Scanner Part III - Spoons


Yes, Hector, I really do put spoons in my scanner. I'd probably put the cat in the scanner if I could get hold of him! Having had some success with this so far I'll admit I'm looking at everything with a speculative eye. 

So, the spoons  . . . .  the scanner was being pissy with me the day I did this and kept cutting the edge off one of them. In the end I thought, sod it, I'll work with it as it is. Got to love the accidental . . . . 

 This is one of those things that I've just got to live with for a while. Most of all I need to do some test prints and stick them up on the wall and live with those for a while. It's the ultimate test . . . .  the weaknesses and strengths of a piece will always show if you give it time.

 Here I had printed the spoon out, hand stitched the paper and re-scanned. More food for thought. Like with the gloves, the story needs to tell itself and right now I have only a small inkling of what that might be. All too often the temptation is to poke it and push it. It's like making an omelette . . .  let it set and you've got something good, poke it too much and you've got scambled eggs.  One more instalment of 'Stuff I put in my Scanner' to come . . . . till then . . . .

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