Friday, 24 August 2012

Strangeartworld Photography - The Fair came to Town

 A stunning opportunity for taking pictures . . . .  thursday night, the rides only half filled the carpark in the middle of town, a very sad bedraggled looking affair, only a few bewildered looking families and the usual bunch of likely lads. 

 Because it was almost deserted I was able to lie down on the steps of the Dodgers ride to get a couple of really good shots of the lights. No-one took any notice . . .  I'm developing the knack for being invisible when I take pictures.

Camera on the same setting, getting two very different results, I'm loving the over exposed yellow.

 But you have to admit this one's a cracker . . . . .


 Can't decide which I like better here, the colour or the black and white. The black and white given a little bit of punch with levels but that's all. The rest are all straight out of the camera. Have to say I also like the different size  formats available to me with this camera ( Lumix G3 ).

I only came home because the battery died on me  . . . . . dying to get out and take more trying different camera settings this time but, being a Bank Holiday in England, it's pouring with rain. I keep going to window to look out and speculate wether it will pass over by this evening. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

You can see the rest of the pictures here

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